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-<fs large><​fs x-large>​**Living Wandle Landscape Partnership Scheme**<​fc #​6495ed></​fc></​fs></​fs>​ 
-Objects: Living Wandle Landscape Partnership- Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, the LWLP aims to reconnect local people with the river and is a product of many years hard work by partners throughout the Wandle Valley. It is hosted by Wandsworth Borough Council, and co ordinated by a dedicated team based in the Old Book Shop in Morden Hall Park. There are 19 projects in the programme and these are being delivered by LB Croydon, LB Merton, Wandle Trust, Groundwork London, London Wildlife Trust, Wandle Piscators, Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust and National Trust. 
-url:    http://​www.wandlevalleypark.co.uk/​ 
-email: ​ livingwandle@wandsworth.gov.uk 
-phone: ​ 07500073049 
-HDWG contact - Louise Crothall (Project Officer) 
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